BTME is an experienced specialised contracting, liaison, trading and training organisation. With its experience in liaisoning with various government authorities, and as the transport infrastructure requires major investment BTME is ideally placed to advise which projects will proceed within the Omani government plans and also assist with the selection of Local partners as may be necessary.

The transport sector continues to be dominated by plans to upgrade the country's airports and ports, and to diversify the over-ground transport network through the development of a national and regional rail network. There are plans to construct six new airports and expand existing airports at Muscat and Salalah. In February, six bids were shortlisted for the tender for the US$1.4bn Muscat terminal project, including  Bechtel,  Vinci and  Binladen Group.

The next phase in the development of the Oman Railway project, centred initially on a 475km network in the northern part of the country, is being prepared. Three key sections have been delineated for implementation in this phase.

BTME markets various solutions relating to Transport Infrastructure development. Currently extensive investment is planned for the transport infrastructure in Oman. It is extremely difficult to identify the priority targets among the many projects. External advice is required to identify priority projects within the Omani Govt Plans together with assistance to select relevant local partners

BTME Competencies

BTME helps companies from the sub-continent, Europe and the US penetrate,  grow and expand its base in Oman by:

  • Advising on suitable corporate structuring
  • Analysis and recommendation of target contracts / tenders
  • Provide local support in terms of sponsorship as well as logistics support
  • Identification and due diligence of joint venture partners
  • Identify suppliers and help in negotiations
  • Working with associates to negotiate joint ventures and technology transfers  

Specialised Contracting

BTME is in the field of specialised contracting in terms of artificial surfaces as well as specialised lighting. 

  • Arranging specialised suppliers from all over the world
  • Arranging for contracting services for special surfaces and specialised lighting

Specialised Training Programs

BTME is in the business of specialised training programs

  • Negotiation skills programs
  • Specialised technical training
  • Outdoor Management Development programs