Outdoor Management Development Programs for Children

Times have changed and there are lesser spaces for children to explore. Knowledge, information and technology are offering a great scope for children to be bright and smart and be successful. We wish to add and offer something that seems to be missing in all this buzz, the experience of the rawness of life and nature. The genuine touch and feel of reality and basic human needs with exciting and safe experiences in wilderness.

This is beyond just adventure and adrenaline. The realization of what it means to be away from the comfort of home and city, the internet and TV, to be self sufficient, responsible and confident. All this and much more will help them be successful and better Human Beings.

Experiences would include:

  • Tent Pitching
  • Lighting the fire
  • Safety and basic first aid
  • Cooking
  • Night patrol
  • Rappelling
  • Drawing a map of the campus
  • Orienteering
  • Pacing
  • Treasure hunt using the map and compass

Short Activities

  • Name your team and make a logo – Creativity
  • Make a slogan – Creativity and Focus
  • Pass the tyre – Coordination
  • Wavered flock – Communication and Understanding
  • Find your partner
  • Visual Memory


  • Learning to share and adjust to needs of others.
  • Co-operate with peers for achievement of tasks.
  • Increase self-confidence.
  • Understand various modes of communication.

This is the experience of exploring the real, natural and human side of oneself and the immense learing that it offers for a lifetime. Experience, understand, appreciate and value nature and develop fondness and care for it.